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What is Crossfit kids?

The CrossFit for Kids program here at CrossFit Mackay has been developed to help kids to grow up healthy, strong and develop a lifelong love of fitness. The CrossFit for Kids program is designed with the unique needs of young athletes mind. 

For kids, these functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play; pull, push,run, throw, climb, lift and jump. All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of our CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer. 

CrossFit Kids has a focus on movement through game play. To keep the kids engaged and learning movements are taught and then practiced through games. Movements are body weight only with progress made through perfecting body mechanics & control.

No two classes are the same, so kids and teens never get bored and the novelty of each class keeps them excited about participating.

cfk 2020

term & timetable

Term 1:

Tuesday January 28th - Friday April 3rd (10 weeks)


Term 2:

Monday April 20th - Friday June 26th (10 weeks)

Term 3:

Monday July 13th - Friday September 18th (10 weeks)

Term 4:

Tuesday October 6th - Friday December 11th (10 weeks)

CrossFit Kids 4-10 years old: Thursdays 4:00pm - 4:45pm

*Ages are a guide only, we understand that kids develop individually. For kids or teens that are on the cusp of the age brackets we assess their physical and mental development and place them in the correct class to align with their abilities. Read about our teens class by clicking the "CrossFit Teens" link at the top of this page.

cfk pricing

$125 per term 

*limited spaces available

CrossFit Kids payment is per term (10 weeks)

Full payment must be paid upfront when signing your kids up.

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