Having started aerobics when I was a young adult, I have been going to gyms my whole life...from grapevines, step classes to weights and spinning classes. I became a Fitness Leader (the qualification before cert 3 etc.) and after starting boxing for fitness, I opened a boxing gym in Mackay. When I sold this I found a boxing class with Mike Benson who opened the second CrossFit box in Mackay. After just a few sessions I was hooked. I love the change it made to my body as well as the feeling of community and many friends I made. & In 2014 I started my coaching journey sitting my level 1 course, and then level 2 in 2019. CrossFit is a fitness that all ages all fitness levels can enjoy, it has become a huge part of my life. I also still coach boxing classes which I still and will always love for cardio and overall fitness.

I met Simone when I first came to Mackay over 30 years ago and Madison since she was born. When they purchased CrossFit Mackay it was a given that I would work for them and I have seen them grow the business with amazing dedication and love. It is this that makes CrossFit Mackay the community it is. With athletes from 14 to 70 years old everyone is treated equally and everyone who walks through the door is welcomed whether as a drop in or to become a member.

I love training people and seeing their fitness and strength improve. It doesn’t matter what age, fitness level or stage you are at in your life...CrossFit Mackay will change your for the better.

Make it your happy place as it is mine :)

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