Since 2016 i was introduced to CrossFit and the methodology behind the why's and how's of the well studied functional fitness movement that CrossFit is. 

I particularly like the way functional movements can aid health and healing within the body and the constantly varied high intensity workouts have kept me interested and excited about each days program. The community within CrossFit adds the fun and is sometimes the reason you show up. I have met some of my best friends through CrossFit and we follows each others progress even though we live in different states.  

In early 2019 I completed the level 1 CrossFit trainers Course. 

Being a CrossFit Trainer gives me the platform to actively impart the knowledge of new skills and share in their achievements when goals are reached.

In my spare time my husband and I along with our two children love to go Camping, kayaking, exploring the nearby beaches and generally all things outdoors. 

I also am passionate about natural health. Treating food as medicine and medicine as food. 

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