Madison (Co-Owner)

Level 1 Weightlifting Certified.

My CrossFit journey started 8 years ago, when I was 17 years old. I had always struggled with my weight since I was a young girl, throughout my adolescent years it got out of hand and I really struggled to find an exercise or sport that I enjoyed enough to stick to… Then came along CrossFit.

CrossFit not only helped me lose the weight, but it also helped me battle against and learn to manage my BPD. CrossFit saved me in a time I felt so helpless over my body and mind. For the 3 years that followed, CrossFit became a non-negotiable for me and I fell inlove with the transformation I had, I decided I wanted to help others change their lives too. At the time I felt I couldn’t possibly have what it takes to be a CrossFit coach with no previous history in the fitness industry what so ever, so I started studying my certs in personal training and worked out of a gym while continuing to attend CrossFit every day and Oly lifting PT's.

As things go, in the years that followed life wasn’t very kind to me, and I unfortunately fell back into my old bad habits, CrossFit fell completely off my radar, amongst other things that where good for me, and I regained all the weight I had lost and then some. My mental health was worse than ever, except now 4 years had passed and I was now living in Melbourne.

I joined a gym, but never went. In fact, I remember walking in, stepping on a treadmill for 5 minutes and then walking straight back out... on more than once occasion. I had zero interest, there was no vibe, there was no fun, there was no community. The things I longed for from my CrossFit days. However, CrossFit in Melbourne was extremely expensive and I was in no financial position to be signing up. Looking back I can see this was partly true, but mostly an excuse. You have to ask yourself, how much am I currently and also, willing to invest into my health? Compared to the 12 coffees I’d buy on a weekly basis, or the $15 I spend on an unhealthy lunch every day. So, I decided to make the change. I signed back up to CrossFit, cleaned up my diet, and restarted my entire journey, a journey that I am still currently on.

I wasn’t consistent, I couldn’t do anything I use to be able to do anymore, but it was a start and my passion for CrossFit felt like it had never left, from the very second my hands hit the barbell again. It was hard, I wanted to throw up, my knees ached, but I was back! Then not even 3 months later, my mum called me saying she was thinking of owning an affiliate herself. I was in a shitty job, living so far away from home, broke, overweight and miserable. This news was enough for me to decide to move home and support my mum and continue my training at her gym. I still had the same passion for helping people change their lives through health and fitness as I had once done for myself, it was always something I knew I would come back to, I just didn’t realise it would be on such a huge scale. The plan was to do my level 1 and work for my mum. Until she called me and said “Why don’t you invest and we do this together?" and well, here we are, you're reading my story of how I came to be an affiliate owner.

This business is the best decision we've ever made. Every day that I coach, I am highly aware of my limitations and the fact that I am only at the beginning of my coaching career. Being a young female CrossFit coach in a male dominated industry is at times intimidating, especially while I am still in the middle of my own weightloss journey. However, I am lucky enough to say that my passion is now my profession and coaching has given me an insatiable drive to become a better athlete and trainer. I have an insanely strong passion for coaching the olympic lifts particularly; as these have always been my most favourite part of CrossFit. I’ve learnt to be kind to myself, and remember you don’t have to be the fittest person in the room, to be a good coach. I still don’t have abs, I still can’t do a single unassisted pull up and I’m 16kg down with still a long way to go, although each day I am one step closer to those goals than I was the day before and whilst on this journey of my own I feel incredibly blessed to share that with our members and help them on their own health and fitness journeys too. I have the greatest job in the world, I love the community we have grown and it is my mission to add to my qualifications with each chance I get and continue my education every day, so I can help improve their lives as positively as they have improved mine.

If you are still with me, thank you for taking the time to read my story. I know it was a long one.

Just know whoever you are, whatever your goals, there is a place for you here in our gym. Health and fitness is hard work, but when you have a group of great like minded individuals around you to support and share the wins with, it really does make it a whole lot easier!

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