Simone (Co-Owner)

Level 1 Weightlifting Certified - Level 1 Gymnastics Certified - CrossFit Kids Certified.

Before I tell you about my CrossFit Journey, let me take you back 20 years ago when my career in the health and fitness industry started. I have always been into fitness, it's always been a passion of mine even as an adolescent. When I chose to turn it into a career, I really found my calling. I loved the results I personally achieved from boxing and weight training, along side some gruelling HIIT cardio sessions, my body truely transformed and this is something I was very excited to bring to others and help them transform their own. I completed my cert III & IV in personal training and started to broaden my knowledge with any extra qualifications and courses I could get under my belt, boot camps, thumb boxing, kettle bell training... Along the way, I stumbled across CrossFit and quickly realised, it was the perfect training style for me. It incorporated all the things I loved to do into one program and the methodology behind CrossFit inspired me. I very quickly began training in CrossFit full time.

After being a CrossFit athlete for a couple years I decided to broaden my knowledge once again and go sit my Level 1 CrossFit trainer certification and began coaching at my local box. A year later I went back for my level 2, I needed more! I was hooked. 5 years of coaching and an opportunity arose to become an affiliate owner myself and I don't want to sound like a cliche, but in that moment it really felt like all my life decisions in my career in the fitness industry had led me to this very moment. I asked my daughter to take a chance, move home and do it with me... and well, here I am, a year and a half later, sitting down at my computer typing out my story for you to read.

I get great pleasure in seeing people achieve their goals, or even achieve things they never thought they could, because I see the potential in everyone, I see the greatness everyone can achieve in their fitness journey and I want to bring it out in all of you. I want everyone that walks through my gym doors to succeed. Got your first pull up? You can rest assured I am going home with the same fire in my belly about it as you are.

We have worked so hard to build a friendly and welcoming CrossFit box that takes away from the stigma you may have heard. You walk in here and you belong, from strangers to friends in 5 minutes you quickly become a part of our community and a part of who we are as an affiliate. That is something I pride us on, that is something I sleep easy knowing that we give the best of ourselves to you everyday on your journey.

It doesn't matter who you are, what age you are or what your goals are; you might want to be a 5 star athlete & go to the games. Maybe you just want to stay fit to run around with your kids, stay fit and mobile as you age, or maybe you have a particular weight-loss or weight gain goal in mind. Whatever it is, you have a place here and your goals are mine too.

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