We are not a competitors gym and it’s our favourite thing about us.

Have you never really given trying CrossFit a second thought because you considered it a fitness for sport?

Yeah, we don’t blame you.

Let me fill you in on why CrossFit Mackay is different to other CrossFit gyms.

We are not a competitors gym.

Let me say it louder for the people in the back...

We train for the sport of life!

You won’t walk through our front door having to know how to do a muscle up, walk on your hands or have an extravegant Snatch 1RM you can boast about to be accepted.

No one gives a sh*#tabout that stuff here. Forget what you think you know about CrossFit. That’s not what we have built our culture around.

We care about your positive attitude.

We care that you rally behind your peers, uplift and support them.

We care that you cheer the loudest for the last to finish.

We care that since starting your fitness journey with us you have more energy to live your life.

We care that your mobility has dramatically improved, giving you the ability to move your body more freely.

Oh and we especially care that those feel good endorphins you’ve been producing in our classes, have done wonders for your mental health.

That’s the sh*#twe care about. That’s our culture.

Using the CrossFit Methodology, we offer a strength & conditioning program for people looking to workout with a group of people who push each other, not directly compete with each-other.

Because we are all chasing our own version of fitness, for our own reasons and within our own means.

We compete. With ourselves.